Meal Plan and Lair

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the Mountainlair vendors offer breakfast and dinner, but no lunch with meal plan.  Whats the big deal about giving us lunch too?

That is All,

Megan K

Big East Game Watch Party

Okay, so I know the students aren’t all about University sanctioned events, unless it’s a basketball/football game in the Colosseum or at the stadium, but there will be a watch party  held in the Mountainlair Ballrooms, sponsored by the Mountaineer Maniacs and Coca-Cola.  There they will be showing the men’s basketball team in the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden in New York City on a big screen TV and several other TVs. There will be free food, drinks and opportunities to win some pretty cool prizes. WVU plays at 9 p.m.  So come out and support our guys and lets watch the game as if it were here at home, and since we aren’t being televised we can get a little rowdy (with class mind you) and not get scolded on national TV!


WVU Up All Night

On Saturday, after enjoy an evening with my friends we decided to attend our first WVU Up All Night extravaganza!  Since we have never attended before we had no idea what we were in for.  We showed up around 12 a.m. and it was quite a scene.  I enjoyed the free breakfast and the entertainment.  The entertainment ended up being the drunken show put on by the WVU students.  I had a blast watching everyone and I would recommend anyone who goes here to make it a point to go at least once.  I’m eager to know if anyone else has had the opportunity to see the fiasco.